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Black Autumn Truffle - Burgundy

It resembles Tuber Aestivum, having an irregular round form, a more poignant smell and taste than Aestivum. Its exteriour is dark brown,while the interiour is brown-red with white-grey ribbed, having a marble like aspect. It is usualy found in the same places like summer truffle, in the chalky soil of oak and hornbeam forests. Culinary wise among the most versatile fresh truffles.


  •  Peridium: warty, consisting of black warts

  •  Glebe: hazelnut, crossed by white veins highly branched, more or less fine.

  •  Shape: variable, but also smashed.

  •  Dimensions: tend to be smaller than the summer black truffle.

  •  Maturation period: from October to December.

  •  The uncinatum truffle in the kitchen: the tasty flavor makes of it a specie that lends itself to the widest variety of uses, from raw to cooked.

  •  How to recognize it: it is very similar to the black summer truffle (Tuber  Aestivum), so that, according to some scholars, it would be an autumn variety of that one. The differences, that are not always perceptible, are related to the appearance of the truffle (peridium, glebe, size and shape), to the scent and, especially to the period

Black Autumn Truffle - Burgundy

1 Ounce
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